IMBA Wants to Hear Your Opinions on Ebikes

IMBA is asking for your opinion on eMTBs. Take their survey now.

Photo: Jeff Barber

IMBA has released a public survey on the topic of eMTBs to gather the opinions of mountain bikers at large. You can take the survey here.

The introduction to the survey says, “periodically, IMBA will ask its community to provide feedback on certain issues it is tackling. Responses are anonymous and provide valuable insight. Thank you for your support!” 

Criticism for stances IMBA has taken in recent weeks has been rampant in comments sections and forums across the internet. The ebike statement they released in late November proved to be unpopular, but their recently-submitted testimony in which they voiced their lack of support for HR 1349, the bikes in Wilderness bill spearheaded by the Sustainable Trails Coalition, has proved to be wildly unpopular with the vast majority of commenters. While IMBA claimed in their written statement that they’re choosing to focus on the “bigger picture,” with almost 2,700 social shares (and still climbing) on our article on the topic, it appears that this is the bigger picture for many mountain bikers.

IMBA is asking for your opinion now, so be sure to give it! The survey is just 5 questions–quick and painless.