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These are the most feature packed trails I have ever seen. There are so many optional lines you will stay entertained way longer than the mile of trails would have you believe. Oh and there is a campground onsite. This place is as good as it gets.
Shouldn't the $1k Salsa Timberjack be on this list?
I guess they are not competing with GX Eagle this year.
And for those that need a lower gear there are 26t chainrings and 10-50 cassettes. eMTBs should be banned, though I would be ok if there was a medical allowance with a doctor note.
e-bikes are about like a chairlift. You get to the top without the work.
I do believe this is due to them driving on the wrong side of the road.
Someone needs to do an aliexpress bike light test. I just sorted this by lights over $10 and then sorted ti by number of orders:
onesojourner   on Sep 18, 2017
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The closest campground that I am aware of is Hootontown. It may be a 5-10 minute drive from the park....
This guy just keeps on digging his hole deeper and deeper. He still cannot take any personal responsibility. How do people like this even have friends?
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