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This is a great topic and it is interesting to see the variety of responses. I tend to prepare myself to yield regardless of the circumstances, moving off to the side of the trail and stopping if necessary. There is such a myriad of trail users of different skill levels and experience, it seems to…
Sounds like a great trip Sam. Last Thanksgiving I mountain biked in Phoenix in the morning and flew to Idaho Falls to visit family that night. Was really strange going from the desert to the snow in the same day! My body didn't quite know what to make of the extreme temperature change. I can't…
Rigid fork on National? I'm sure that was exciting! Glad you've enjoyed your time in Arizona.
Little Bellas sounds like an amazing program. I wonder why there are no chapters in Arizona? I think my daughter would love it.
Truly amazing what Heather has done to help others. Thanks for sharing her story with us Brian.
Pemberton is a great beginner trail for sure. Maybe we should have called it Six2Ride? So many good trails, so little time. It's great to live in the Valley of the Sun.
Ray Southwick   on Apr 25, 2019
Yeah, it took awhile ro convince santa i needed one.
That's a great idea. Certainly saves time too.
Ray Southwick   on Feb 12, 2019
Great article Timm. You really have a gift for painting a picture in our minds that is both familiar yet at the same time hard for us to describe - so thanks. Riding with friends is fun, but that zen-like, almost spiritual high seems to only come on solo rides for me as well, and…
Ray Southwick   on Jan 19, 2019
added a review of Forte Pisgah

Durable.Wears well. Good traction.
Ray Southwick   on Aug 24, 2018
Nice write-up. Sounds like a good product.

Long lasting and good desert traction.
Looks like a solid entry level bike. Wish they'd gone 1x11 instead, though.
Ray Southwick   on Jul 21, 2018
added a review of McDowell Mountain Park

Sport loop is a lot of fun. A short, but quick and easy 3 mile loop. Almost all downhill after...
Ray Southwick   on Jul 21, 2018
added a review of Blevins Via Meridian

Great beginner trail loop. It is either slightly uphill or downhill. A few dips through washes. Combine this with cats...
Sounds like fun. I guess they don't wear helmets on the savannah. Appears they are travelling pretty slow. Would be a great way to see the wildlife though.
Ray Southwick   on Jul 21, 2018
added a review of Panaracer Rampage 26

Good traction. Nice wide 2.35 that is true to size. Handles really well on dry and rocky terrain. Wears quite...
Balance bikes are great. My son loved it and started at betweem 2 amd 3. But in hindsight i probably would have gotten a strider for him instead of a metal framed bike. Striders seem somewhat costly but are super light. A metal framed one will last you through multiple kids though. I guess it…
I've never shuttled before and like the challenge of riding uphill on my local trails. But I intend to go to Bootleg Canyon (Nevada) someday, and will certainly use the shuttle there. I will shuttle Black Canyon here in Arizona too. It just makes sense. I used to think it was kind of a wimpy…
Nice review. It is a little frustrating and annoying when filmmakers change messages midstream. Better to just make two separate films.
Ray Southwick   on Jul 21, 2018
added a review of Thomson Elite X4

Looks amazing. Fits perfectly. Well made.
Ray Southwick   on Jul 21, 2018
added a review of WTB Wolverine 2.2

Fast and light. Grips well. Good price.
Ray Southwick   on Jul 21, 2018
replied to Wear earbuds riding on the trail?
Never ridden with earbuds. Has never really appealed to me or seemed very safe. But, if people like to do so, I don't see it as problematic as long as they just...
Great reviews. They all seem like solid choices. Just curious, did your pump get pretty beat up by rocks when it was attached under the bottom of your frame?
This is probably pretty pricey for some (me included), but I really like the idea. When I upgraded to a better/longer handlebar and a shorter stem, it took a lot of trial and error to get things just right. These handlebars would have certainly sped up the process. Also, if someone prefers different handlebar widths…
Ray Southwick   on Jul 21, 2018
added a review of Avid BB7

Easily adjusted. Simple to maintain. Very reliable and long-lasting. Solid stopping power - especially if you have large rotors. Seem...
Ray Southwick   on Jul 21, 2018
added a review of Shimano M520

Inexpensive. Easy to adjust. Work extremely well.
Mountain biking is also 2x more fun than road cycling.
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