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Not the latest article, but I'll bite anyways. I inadvertently did a lowside hip/chest hold onto bars drop on some ice when the back wheel slid sideways due to ice (fatbike). In one sense it worked well, no broken arm or shoulder. My hip was sore (#1) and my ribs were also sore, they were…
Better than 'undershooting' it!
Here's one idea: http://www.algonquinpark.on.ca/visit/recreational_activites/minnesing-mountain-bike-trail.php There are more glamourous destinations, but it is a challenging ride. It is an abandoned forest access road (50 years ago?) across some challenging terrain. Camping is at the...
I've got a different take on the weight point. I run a rack on a small light FWD car. 20 or 30 extra pounds hung on the end of a long lever off the back of the car can make a huge difference in how my car squats in the rear as I go down…
Ok. They haven't mastered email yet. Tried to contact regarding the freezing question. Email on their website is sales@theflatstopper.com and email in that picture above is sales@flatstopper.com (no "the"). Neither works. :(
Will the sealant freeze in the winter?
I recently spent a day riding in Nagano. Shuttles played a part, and fortunately it was guided. I'd have liked to spend more time climbing, but the elevation and trails didn't lend themselves to this. If I were to do it over, I'd probably spend 3 days, and spend less time being shuttled. The greatest…
mikanada   on Jun 16, 2017
replied to Suggestions for MTB in Japan?
Thanks. I'll be sure to post back with my results!  
mikanada   on Jun 9, 2017
started a topic: Suggestions for MTB in Japan?
I'll be traveling to Japan in late July, and would love to get out for a ride or two. In an ideal world, I'd rent something and ride - as I am not...
Hello I am traveling from Canada to Torrance California for business on the 11th of December (Sunday). I have the afternoon free. I would love to take advantage of the weather, and am hoping...
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