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Good thread. I agree that it's not necessary to spend $5K for a good bike. Of the brands/bikes mentioned thus far, I'd probably steer toward one of the Cannondale Habits (or Bad...
California is indeed expensive. I'm in the foothills of the Sierras between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. Personally, I'm thinking about trying to talk my wife into retiring to Sedona, Arizona. ;-)  Honestly,...
keithmerson   on Dec 22, 2016
replied to What was your first mountain bike?
It depends on your definition of mountain bike. Long before that term even existed, I was a kid riding bikes through the New England woods in the 1970s. But after the term "mountain...
You said "Strangely enough the last real ride I attended was my first ever group ride and I had an absolute blast!" but then you asked for advice. So, here's my advice. Rather...
Very cool indeed. I've been a Pearl Izumi fan for decades. :-)
Cool. Thanks for sharing that. :-)
keithmerson   on Nov 19, 2016
replied to optimal tubeless psi
Good thread. I tend to follow the Stan's guidelines too. One possible way to go lower and still avoid problems would be to use the Schwalbe Procore system. I've been thinking about...
keithmerson   on Nov 19, 2016
replied to stocking stuffers
Spot flask: and cage: :-)
keithmerson   on Nov 19, 2016
replied to Bike grips with knife hidden inside
I just ride with a shotgun. Mossberg 590 Mariner Tactical.
keithmerson   on Nov 19, 2016
replied to Gloves or No Gloves?
I always ride with full finger gloves. I swore by Pearl Izumi for years, then I found Fox which seem to last longer. However, now I tend to just buy cheap work...
keithmerson   on Nov 19, 2016
replied to MTB chain keeps breaking
As others have said, definitely check for chain stretch and check the cassette for wear. As Zyante says, chain line is critical so it's generally best to be on the biggest ring when shifting...
keithmerson   on Nov 19, 2016
replied to The pluses of 29er over 27.5
fsherfy said "Still new here could someone please  explain boost compatible to me. I l think it has to do with wider wheel hubs. I.e. Longer axles.  But not sure. Thanks." Yes, that's...
keithmerson   on Nov 3, 2016
replied to Which way to go?
I vote for the hardtail too. Diamondback and Cannondale both make pretty decent inexpensive hardtails. In fact, REI currently has a couple models of the Diamondback Overdrive on sale. The link goes to the Pro...
keithmerson   on Nov 3, 2016
replied to 27.5x3.0
I'm a huge fan of 29" wheels. However, one of the cool things about 27.5+ bikes is that many will accommodate 29" wheels without a significant change in geometry. The reason for this...
keithmerson   on Nov 3, 2016
replied to Picking a New Bike
Pivot Mach 6 is certainly a great bike, and there a a couple of models on sale right now at Competitive Cyclist. They're probably only available in a limited number of sizes,...
Since you already said you like it, it might interest you to know that Jenson has several models of the Intense Tracer on sale. The link goes to the model that is...
keithmerson   on Oct 27, 2016
replied to Is This a Good Beginner Mtb?
I agree that cheap full-suspension bikes are to be avoided. However, I've gotta say that I'm not a fan of buying used mountain bikes unless you're either getting it from a local bike...
keithmerson   on Oct 27, 2016
replied to The pluses of 29er over 27.5
Bikerboy, it looks like the one you linked to ( has 142 mm spacing (see Technical Specs > Frame). However, boost (plus-size) spacing is 148 mm, so this is not boost-compatible.
keithmerson   on Oct 27, 2016
replied to Why Should I Upgrade To Discs
I have mechanical disc brakes on one bike and hydraulic disc brakes on another (both hardtails, both singlespeeds) and the hydraulic disc brakes definitely require less effort.  So, while I would agree that hydraulic...
keithmerson   on Jun 21, 2016
replied to 29 or 27.5 inch tires?
I agree that after riding a 29er, 27.5 can feel small. But, as several folks have said here, it depends how tall you are and what kind of riding you do. I'm 5' 11" and I really like my 29er hardtail for cross-country style riding. For shorter riders, I think a 29er can be a…
keithmerson   on Jun 6, 2016
replied to First bike
If you can spend $450 you might consider the Diamond Apex Trail, also from Performance ( ). You'll get a little more bike for the money. Good luck and happy trails!
keithmerson   on Jun 5, 2016
replied to First Bike - Cannondale Trail 8?
The Cannondale Trail 5 (not 8) is one of the recommended inexpensive mountain bikes at but I expect the frame might be identical and you can always upgrade components later. Good luck and happy biking!
keithmerson   on Jun 5, 2016
replied to Cheap Bike
I agree with those who said you need to go with a used bike for that price. However, if you can stretch your budget a little then check out to find a good bike cheap. Good luck and happy biking!
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