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stuck in one gear, SS

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A Gary   on Aug 13, 2019
added a review of Honey Run

Well maintained and good flow. The trail is built for mountain biking with no unrideable climbs or descents .
Seems like no one believes in climate change. We take a mountain bike that is perfectly good human powered and add dependence on electricity, makes no sense at all. Also the bikes that are being allowed on trails called class 1 bike limited to 20 mph seem slow but on mountain bike trails 20 mph…
Most major brands have entry level bikes. What price range of frame comes on a 500$ bike? The latest tech 2000$ bike frame you purchase has markups for the manufacturer, the global...
A Gary   on Apr 8, 2017
added a review of Flynt Quarry trail

Great ride , you will be intimidated on the first time around but will be ready for it when you...
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