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bitterroot   on Jan 10, 2020
bitterroot   on Jan 9, 2020
bitterroot   on Dec 24, 2019
A chilly morning on Colter Creek on the way the Overwhich Falls
Riding along Warm Springs Creek
The last bit of scree on Warm Spring Creek
bitterroot   on Jun 7, 2019
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Lost Trail Bike Fest 2018
The last best place to ride your bike. Not enduro. Not XC. Just trail riding (and a bit of gravel...
Todd, is that you? I should have known. I'm done debating.
Can we please be civil and not insult each other. So explain to me what is stupid about a round trip to a lake that takes 6 hours to hike or 2 hours to bike. (Still assuming your 3:1 ratio, which is debatable, but true for some trail conditions). I find it unlikely that the…
Your assumption only makes sense in a closed loop scenario where the trail is of finite length and all sections of the trail are used equally by all users and all users are on the trail for the same amount of time. I don't think this equates to the real world. Scenario One: Assume there…
isawtman perhaps you would like to share a link the the Wohrstein article or book. The only reference I can find is his book in German, " Mountainbike und Umwelt". Here are some references to it from "Perception and reality of conflict: walkers and mountain bikes on the Queen Charlotte Track in New Zealand" To…
Hey Lee, Great riding with you when visited. I'm expecting you back for the Lost Trails Bike Fest. All the acronym mumbo jumbo can get confusing, so I l thought I would take this chance the clarify some of the land designations. Let's start with the Inventoried Roadless Areas (IRA) These were created during the…
Great to see trails being built there. It's been over a dozen years since I moved away. At the time it seemed like I was the only mountain biker in the area. Back then the hog back had just been closed to motorcycles and I spent plenty of time on the old dirt bike trails…
bitterroot   on Nov 10, 2018
added 3 photos.
Fall time on the Sapphire Crest
Yes we worked with motorized groups to share legal fees. We are a small mountain biking group with limited funds, I agree impact matters, and the Forest Service in the Travel Plan could show any impact. We want the areas protected as well. We also believe that wilderness exists outside wilderness designations. We agree that…
Wilderness Advocate, Can you tell me where else in the Bitterroot we can ride big backcountry rides comparable to the Sapphires and Blue Joint. We already lost pretty much the entire west side of the valley to wilderness and recommended wilderness. Weasel and Railroad Creeks were super technical rides that never saw horse or hiker…
As one of the intervenors, the Friends of the Bitterroot knows we that out lawsuit had several separate claims and it was possible to to win access for mountain bikers without winning access for motorized used. Unlike the Friends of the Bitterroot and MWA we don't have an organization like Earth Justice willing to bankroll…
bitterroot   on Nov 9, 2018
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Comment of the trail closures at
bitterroot   on Nov 9, 2018
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comment of the trail closures
bitterroot   on Nov 9, 2018
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Comment of trail closures at
bitterroot   on Nov 9, 2018
added 3 photos.
Cresting Rooster Comb on the 313 trail. This trail in the Sapphire WSA is going to be close to bikes...
Even if you can't detailed comments, still do it. Even if rejected it is still recorded. Someone will still read and they will need to document to number of comments. We feel any comment is better the staying silent. We need to demonstrate to the Forest Service that there is national concern regarding the WSAs…
bitterroot   on Aug 3, 2018
bitterroot   on Jul 9, 2018
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Having re-won access to the Sapphire WSA (at least temporarily) we headed out for some trail clearing. Towards the end...
We still have a battle in front of us. We hope to use this reprieve to resolve the WSA issue.
Cresting the hill from Porcupine Saddle on a smokey summer day.
Once again we will celebrating the joys of mountain bikes and friends by throwing a party at Lost Trail and...
I imagine in the areas around Sun Valley and Ketchum most "mechanized" trails are default mountain bike trails with limited horse and foot traffic in which case adding e-bikes is probably not a significant issue. The problem is going to be more is areas with significant mixed use where any net increase in speed of…
bitterroot   on Feb 2, 2018
commented on Why I Quit Mountain Biking
At first I rolled my eyes, but then I realized that if I replaced the words mountain biking with rock climbing or whitewater kayaking the same could apply to me. Over time I lost climbing partners and to moved to places where the water was flat, and the only waves were two hours away. In…
bitterroot   on Sep 5, 2017
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Smoke or no smoke, I need to get out and ride
bitterroot   on Sep 3, 2017
added 3 photos.
There's not a ton of climbing on Warm Springs Ridge, but the grunt out of Porcupine Saddle is one of...
bitterroot   on Jul 13, 2017
added 2 photos.
Evening ride on the Sapphire Crest
bitterroot   on Jun 27, 2017
added 2 photos.
Enjoying the long days of Summer.
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