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Love this company.
The hardtail write up is definitely one of the sickest. Not stoked on this news.
R Treb   on Jan 23, 2018
commented on Listen: The Electric Mountain Bikes Are Coming
Glad I saw this, because it's full garbage. And yes you will kill the sport meanwhile attempting to compare someone on a real MTB that's in incredible cardio shape to you on on your E-motorbike. And to bring surfing into this in some kind of weird way, Iam cool with anyone out in the line…
I can definitely agree with this.
For any able bodied person trying to defend the electric motor bike thing, it's not about not approving of a certain type of bike, as it's not a bike but a motorized vehicle. I love all bikes Fat bikes , bmx, cyclocross , road bikes ,hybrids whatever. Just as long as it's not able to…
Yeah for you urban biker is fine if that's what you like, But a mountain bike and all the tires associated with our bikes are meant to be ridden on dirt. The name mountain bike itself stems from the originators of the sport who basically rode regular bikes with wider tires in the mountain trails.…
I needed this.
R Treb   on Dec 22, 2017
commented on Listen: The Electric Mountain Bikes Are Coming
I am so tired of trying to talk common sense into people that should be fellow mountain bikers. The only place this would be safe is on the road. Not on singletrack. They had a chance if they limited speed on these things to like 8 mph for climbing. But they can literally climb at…
The only thing that should not be called mountainbiking is the riding of those electric motorized things that some companies are trying to disguise as real bikes.
And even though the stache is made for monster width 29 tires they are super sweet with 2.4 - 2.6. Not super wide but wide enough. And it drops weight a tad making it slightly more race friendly while keeping tons of traction. A super versatile bike.
Great vid. Place is on my list now for sure.
Tubeless tires can't be overlooked. I could give up carbon, suspension, disc brakes. But no way I can go back to tubes. Sound crazy? Think about it.
R Treb   on May 17, 2017
replied to I hate spider webs
I hate spider webs but I hate the taste of the actual spider in the web. As I ride through the web huffing for breath mouth open and in it goes. Ugh......
R Treb   on May 11, 2017
commented on Opinion: America Needs More Ebikes
(deep breath) Positive note. If they are for commuting great. Street and fire road only.
R Treb   on May 11, 2017
commented on Opinion: America Needs More Ebikes
Problem is they are on the trails and it's getting worse. Climbing at 15 miles and hour while normal great riders can only max out at 9 mph on same climb. Hugging our tires and yelling at us to get out of the way! Only getting worse.
Yeah , Heckler and Superlights are all done. Shame.
The bike has soul and such a cool functional uniqueness, which kind of got lost in the price.
This will ruin trail access for us in the future. 20mph ?? What if some needs assistance to climb 7 mph should be fine. Someone climbing on one of these at 15 mph almost seriously injured one of my buddies. Not a mountain bike at all, it's a e-motorbike. Don't get it twisted.
Edit* it will make keeping MTB trails open in future impossible.
E bikes will end our trail access. Saw guys climbing a hill at 12 plus mph. While average climb speed is 8 mph at most. Hugging our back tire yelling at us to get out of way. Then couple guys heading downhill were bell ringing to let everyone now they are coming. E-bikes were climbing…
R Treb   on Jan 14, 2017
commented on Race Face Chester Flat Pedal Review
I am freaking impressed with these. Grip for days and strong. Can't believe they hold up so good. Highly recommend.
R Treb   on Dec 15, 2016
commented on Watch: "Old Timers" - Man and Dog Still Rail!
Well prob best video from start to finish- song, 58 yr old ripping , big dog, small dog. Damn it that hit me. So good.
R Treb   on Nov 23, 2016
added 3 photos.
Part of wooden corkscrew
R Treb   on Nov 23, 2016
added a review of Allegrippis Trails

For length, flow , speed , quality, layout- absolutely phenomenal. When I Invision perfect mtb trail Allegrippis comes to mind....
R Treb   on Nov 23, 2016
added a review of Climbworks

Sooo worth it ! It's a short but sick loop. You climb to top ,it's a real climb too bra....
R Treb   on Nov 23, 2016
added a review of Tatum Park

Double track mostly, single track mostly all hiking no biking. Cruising through fields a bit with little if any defined...

For what they have packed into a small but beautiful park .....great. They have well laid out single track that...
R Treb   on Nov 18, 2016
commented on Watch: Hardcore Hardtail Ripping
Chromag needs to keep these hardtails vids coming. It looks like Transition is no longer making the Trans Am, so iam not expecting any hardtail footage from them anymore bummer.
R Treb   on Oct 6, 2016
added 2 photos.
R Treb   on Jul 16, 2016
commented on The 10 Best Enduro Mountain Bikes for 2016
Did I miss Kona Process?? Must have.
R Treb   on Jul 16, 2016
commented on Pivot Mach 429 Trail - A Long Term Review
One of my dream bikes for sure.
Super stoked on this list. Thanks for putting this together. Chromag deserves credit for being hardtail only and forging the way for rowdy hardtails today.
R Treb   on May 24, 2016
added a photo of Wells Mills Park
Wells Mills
R Treb   on May 7, 2016
added a photo
Winter South Jersey
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