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This was great. Amazing job.
The freaking best.
Damn it , this was rad. Thank you.
Damn it! This was great!
Should be on motorized vehicle trails....PERIOD
Nothing against these motor things just as long as they have there own designated fire trails. Keep them away from cyclists unless climb speed is limited to 8mph.
Super sick hardtail.
EBIKES just need to be on motorized trails thats it simple. Resolved , case closed ! Dont try and pretend it's part of mountainbiking because it's just a a motor bike in disguise. This is crazy...
R Treb   on Oct 15, 2018
added a review of Lake Crabtree County Park

A lot packed in to a relatively small area. Just a conveniant fun and well maintained trail. Little skills park...
Would like to see a new list of AM Hardtails regardless of price. Some cool ones on this list though like the Chameleon , a staple in the hardcore hardtail world made by Santa Cruz who has not sold out to the E bike thing like most of the other companies that are listed here.
I promise you this ebike thing is going to complicate our trail access. The powers that be dont have time to fiddle around with the different style bike designations. When ebikes flood the trails ,and they will , hikers are not going to be able to discern exactly what went pass them on a climb…
Wow , impressive. This is true work of hardtail art. Dream bike status. Thank you guys for reviewing these amazing hardtails. This bike in particular has become part of popular discussion amongst friends. I have come back to this review a dozen times already. Well Done.
Great review. And great bike. Definitely a true All Mountain hardtail. Beautiful piece of bike art.
Great list of All Mountain Hardtails again. Hardtails are so damn capable right now. If I cant ride it on a hardtail, then I just cant ride it!
Alabama would be pissed to be considered East Coast.
I saw the date. What were the final thoughts?
Hmmm ... I feel like 27.5 best suited for maybe a less rocky / rooty course?? 29 carries well over that stuff. But heck Nino rode 27.5 for quite some time. You might be pleasantly surprised. Interesting experiment.
Don't use E-bikes and "Our Sport" in same sentence.
This was a fair critique. But people that buy Yeti bikes thunk 5 g's is a bargain. I will never be able to share that view. But , that being said. Nice looking bike and it will shred as a short travel 29er xc/ trail-ish bike. Photo shoes the bike sporting minions, Definitely leaning towards…
Once IMBA saw the $$$$$ from potential E-bike companies and supporters , all of a sudden they were more open to them on singletrack. Funny how that works. Sell outs.
Dream bike material.
LOL, Couple beers and Iam leaving with two bikes... Genius idea.
Its not that I hate E- Motorized bikes , its that I love real mountain biking. I promise once you E-bikers take over the trails and you will , its inevitable. The dangers you present will shut down the trails to everyone except hikers. I talked to some local legislators and that is the only…
Every state should follow example. This E- motorbike "sport" is disgraceful. When you can climb a very steep grade at higher than humanly possible speed, its going to be a disaster for any descending rider. But , unless we stop buying from the companies producing these E-Motor MTN Bikes then we help promote.
I want to get shirts with the " No E- Bike" logo shown on this trail. So if anyone is making them , you have a buyer.
Everything about the pre existing 150mm is pretty good , especially the lever. except that it stroke length is nuts. Even bottomed out, too tall for me , I use second setting. Something should be said however for its reliability in super cold temps where it has zero issues. A solid post for sure.
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