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jvbutter   on Mar 26, 2016
replied to Is Trail Work as Fun as Riding?
Definaty trail work is not fun. however its rewarding... other than building some small jumps as a kid on the farm, never really built anything. After recent "trail build" I have new respect for the trails I ride. it took lots of us ( about 8) to build a recent table top on a new…
jvbutter   on Feb 17, 2016
replied to 1x12 Is Coming
nahhh... I just upgraded to 1x11 and think that is just fine. And whats the cost... my upgrade was $500+ for parts alone and that was without changing to a single crank, just race face conversion gear.
****As for the ‘assume the risks or don’t bike’ that only goes so far. When one is looking at a lifetime of medical and living expenses and no way to pay them, there aren’t many options are there? Assuming the risk does not mean ‘able to pay the bills’. ****** Im not buying that. We all…
jvbutter   on Dec 10, 2015
replied to Dropper Post
alvin, how do you like it? my son was worried about quality and seeing it was ... cable?
jvbutter   on Dec 10, 2015
replied to Whistler recommendations
I guess I need to look at more of what they offer up there... I didn't know there was " outside" the park. Yes we will check out the squamish. Maybe leave a day earlier for that. Ill do some searching.
jvbutter   on Dec 9, 2015
replied to Whistler recommendations
yup were doing the same... 3 day trip to check out the trails. suggestions welcome  
jvbutter   on Dec 4, 2015
replied to Dropper Post
I love my dropper... its great when you drop in and forget to drop the post... or if your riding some trails where pedaling  is required.. you can pop up the post and pedal easier, then when the down hills comes, lower it and bomb on down the hill.
jvbutter   on Dec 4, 2015
replied to Duty fees on out of country orders????
Its all about the cost... I had a dropper post of $260 and now hit with the charge... I'd assume Customs does not care to much about smaller items ... less than $200. Shinobi, I placed the order back in Sept... and it just now showed up... so it might take time... drcbarth... thanks for…
jvbutter   on Dec 2, 2015
started a topic: Duty fees on out of country orders????
So I placed an order from big online seller (ChainReact) back in Sept... now I'm getting a bill from US shipper for Duty Fees.... is this normal? Does anyone else get this extra fee when ordering from outside US retailers? This is a deal killer for me.
jvbutter   on Dec 2, 2015
replied to 1x Drivetrain
I love my new 1 x 11 setup... it makes it much simpler when your making big gear changes... such as rolling over the top and starting to build speed quickly... I love not having to switch the front to get the power on. Of course you will sacrafice gear ratios... my front is middle…
jvbutter   on Oct 28, 2015
replied to how to keep pants out of chain
like said above... you can get a pants clip at  a local shop... or if your like me... doing it on the cheap, get a large rubber band
jvbutter   on Oct 26, 2015
added a review of Thrillium

Looks to be a good track during dry weather. It started to rain yesterday, and puddles formed. very slippery when...
jvbutter   on Oct 25, 2015
added a review of Storey Burn

Today we started from the GC campground picnic area.... 0.8 mi up to the junction... then 2.3 miles up story...
jvbutter   on Oct 20, 2015
added a review of Blackrock Freeride Trails

Three of us went out last Friday, all on full suspension, great trails. Nice double jumps, gap jumps and stepups....
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