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I follow this advice most of the time. My fear stems from my tires leaving the ground from jumps, not from drops or anything else. However, every now and then I like to relive and remind myself why my body is to awkward to try and fly.
I guess it might be more popular over on the west coast as opposed to the east coast since we don't have as much dry loose trails, not saying we don't have any just not as much as the west coast.
Alright, now that there are more companies out there producing these products the prices are now becoming more reasonable. I've been thinking harder about putting inserts in the rear of my hardtail...we'll see.
Absolutely hardtails are enduro worthy, at least for fun, which is why I like racing the hardtail categories in enduro races. With that said, I understand full-suspension would be they way to go when seriously competing and I would use my full squish in those instances. I'm more interested in having a seriously fun and…
John, Thank you for the review, the bike seems promising. I did have a question on its handling when pointed down. I noticed in most of your pictures and the review it climbs well, especially in technical sections. How does it handle in some chunky descents? I noticed on Mullets website it is labeled an…
Where is the full ride review?
Wh3373r   on Sep 27, 2018
added a review of The Bike Shop of Columbus

Great shop! This is the best bike shop in the area and the only one I'll bring my bikes to....
Wh3373r   on Jul 18, 2015
added a review of Wigs Wheels

Great store, Good selections, Friendly staff. The address is actually 1229 Noble street. www.wigswheels.com
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