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That’s a solid list. “Ghost in the Machine” by Parish Brewing (Parish, LA) is worthy of being on the list. I’m sure how far they distribute but if you can find it then buy it. You won’t regret it.
Lagunitas has a 4% ipa at 98 calories that is pretty damn tasty. Keep a look out for Day Time IPA. It’s an after ride (or pre) favorite.
This is encouraging to all of us riders out there in their mid 50’s. How about posting the plans you created for the portable jump ramp(s)?
If your local trails allow it then night riding makes a familiar seem totally new. It's simply damn fun riding at night. Yes, the speeds are slower but the experience is so worth it. The visual of a few riders cruising at night in a train, lights blazing, is enough alone to get you pumped…
Excellent podcast with a trainer that rides MTB. James knows his stuff. I can vouch that his programs have made a very positive impact on my riding and fitness. His recommendation to ride once a week with your seat slammed down has totally changed the way the way I approach trail riding. Start out with…
ride_today   on Mar 23, 2018
replied to What was your first mountain bike?
1989 Bridgestone MB-5, followed shortly by a fully rigid 1991 Spectialized Stumpjumer.  I still have the Stumpjumper but it is relegated to gravel and pavement.
ride_today   on Mar 23, 2018
replied to What bike rack do you use?
North Shore Racks NS-4... I can carry four MTB's in the same space as I carry two MTB's on my Kuat.
ride_today   on Aug 29, 2017
commented on New Belgium Dayblazer Beer Review
I am late to the conversation and I confess that I also am recovering from beer snobbery. I will be give this one a try for sure. Two of my favorite lower abv beers are Oskar Blues Pinner IPA and as well as their Beerito craft Mexican lager.
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