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FredCook   on Jun 27, 2019
updated Corinth Community Park conditions to Good
FredCook   on Jun 10, 2019
updated Boulder Park conditions to Good
So, I'm kinda focused on a couple things you said...  "I want a bike that can do it all" and that you're considering a YT Jeffsy.  My most recent bike purchase zeroed in...
FredCook   on May 31, 2019
added a review of Boyne Highlands

Rode here Memorial Day weekend, 2019. Nice fast fun. Short lift and short runs, so it doesn't take a lot...
FredCook   on May 24, 2019
replied to Roots: Impediment or Feature?
Yeah, not sure why this is news. "exposed pine tree roots were making it difficult for people to navigate a section of the Silverstream Track" It's called an <i>intermediate</i> or advanced trail.  Can't navigate roots?  Then...
FredCook   on May 19, 2019
replied to Sram Eagle 1x12 help!
"Is there any reason why this happens?" It just does.  Has nothing to do with running SRAM 1x12.  I've gotten more stuff stuck in my drive train than I can remember.  3x, 2x,...
FredCook   on May 17, 2019
updated Point Vista Hike/Bike Trail conditions to Good
Yeah, right? :) After all, in Texas, Q is a 4 of the 5 food groups. +1 for Reveille and Spider. +1 for Coopers! Even when the wait is over an hour...
FredCook   on May 14, 2019
replied to New Bike Day Dilemma
Hey ILikeTexMex, those stickers look like Singletracks badges.  I looked over the site, but don't see them anywhere.  Make them yourself?
FredCook   on May 10, 2019
replied to e-bikes
It always seems that e-bike discussions circle around providing a solution for those riders that need assistance.  And usually, that implies an older or physically impaired rider.  But of all of the (admittedly...
I'll be honest, I couldn't ride it non stop.  But I'd ride what I can and walk the rest for the ride back down! :)
FredCook   on May 6, 2019
replied to tire pressure
Like others have said, find your sweet spot based on what you like and feel good with.  Beyond that, I sometimes make adjustments specific for the type of trail.  I also adjust...
FredCook   on Apr 22, 2019
updated Erwin Park conditions to Good
Ticks... hate 'em... In addition to Deet, I use Sawyer's Permethrin to treat clothing.
FredCook   on Apr 17, 2019
replied to Dupont considering entry fees
I think it's pretty common for a state park to charge an entry fee.  Even if you're "just" going there to mountain bike.  In Texas, there is an entry fee to state...
FredCook   on Apr 16, 2019
updated Northshore Trail conditions to Fair
FredCook   on Apr 12, 2019
updated North Shore Trail conditions to Good
FredCook   on Apr 10, 2019
replied to 6K Bike at Walmart?
Good point about the Walton's interest in mountain biking and the what they've done for trails around Bentonville. What I can't see happening though, it trustworthy assembly of a $6k bike at Walmart. ...
FredCook   on Apr 10, 2019
started a topic: 6K Bike at Walmart?
Maybe this is an indication of just how mainstream mountain biking is really getting, and Walmart wants a bit of the action. $2,500 frames and $6,000 bikes at Walmart?  What's this world coming...
FredCook   on Apr 9, 2019
updated Horseshoe conditions to Good
FredCook   on Apr 9, 2019
replied to DB Mason 1 vs Hook
"But I’ll just take it easy on the rough ones. I’m in my early 40’s and I’m not getting any younger. " Ha!  Don't kid yourself!  I thought the same when I shifted...
FredCook   on Apr 8, 2019
replied to Rear cassette swap
My favorite 11 speed cassette for converting 2/3x to 1x is e*thirteen's TRS cassette.  It has cogs from 9 to 46 (511% range), so you can run a smaller chain ring, maintaining...
FredCook   on Apr 8, 2019
replied to Looking for help/guidance
Brandon... Welcome to MTBing in North Texas.  No shortage of trails here (200+ miles within 45 minutes of each other)!  And we have our fair share of bike shops to boot, with...
FredCook   on Apr 5, 2019
replied to Which is The Best for all purposes!?
Man, a lot of contradiction in requirements :)
FredCook   on Apr 4, 2019
updated Johnson Branch conditions to Poor
We don't see a lot of litter on our trails locally.  The exception right now are those trails that are now finally above water lines since last July.  There is littler left behind...
FredCook   on Apr 2, 2019
replied to Tarp Shelters and rain
If I know I'me going to deal with wet weather while roughing it, I look to hammock solutions.  A hammock tent to sleep in, and another to store stuff.  If it's windy,...
FredCook   on Apr 2, 2019
replied to New device - tracker + fun
Hmmm... our firewall blocked the link, tagged as malicious...
FredCook   on Apr 1, 2019
updated Knob Hills Grapevine Lake conditions to Good
FredCook   on Mar 29, 2019
updated North Shore Trail conditions to Good
FredCook   on Mar 29, 2019
replied to Importing Bike
By "import", do you mean you're purchasing one as a consumer, or are you importing (several) for resale?
FredCook   on Mar 27, 2019
updated Rowlett Creek Preserve conditions to Good
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