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Help coach local NICA high school MTB team
Matt: What an experience and what a terrific article! Well done on both accounts and THANK YOU!! A big CONGRATS too!!
JD   on Jul 30, 2019
commented on Durango, Colorado: A Mountain Biker's Guide
Marty: Terrific article capturing both the culture and essence of Durango cycling! Thanks! I would add that Durango is hosting the Colorado/Wyoming/New Mexico NICA championships again this year and next in October. Great high school athletes (and families) enjoying a terrific venue and hospitality....not to mention incredible competition!! Also, if you plan to visit Durango,…
John: Thanks! I rode there Tuesday ... great fun, plenty challenging in spots, a job well done (and ongoing) by the trail folks doing the work.
John: Good to have you back on the net! Mike Vidovich has always been a progressive thinker and bike builder. Not to mention incredible rider. I recall his Timberline shop way back in 2012'ish starting the 29/27.5 "experiments" that many scoffed at. Now amateur and pro riders recognize his brilliance WRT performance from those "mullets".…
Great saga! Great accomplishment! Well done!
A good idea if people would read it.....and abide by it. Knowing human nature, that's a big if.
JD   on Feb 24, 2019
replied to Backcountry rides this year
Mongwolf: First, what did you do for 20 years in Mongolia? And welcome back to the US of A!!!! Re backcountry MTB'ing, I'd suggest the Kokopelli Trail, parts of the Colorado Trail, parts of...
Ditto here on Automatic120's request re indoor trainer regimes over the winter. I try to get outside here in CO as much as possible over the winter; but must do a lot...
Good lookin' bikes and quite a creative approach to the carbon process and bike modularity. Will be interesting to see if other manufacturers follow that lead and how the frames perform longterm.
Terrific piece, Brian! I had no idea how the medics worked and their volunteer commitment to the sport. Most appreciated and THANKFUL for their support.
JD   on Jan 20, 2019
replied to What are your mtb goals for 2019?
Mongwolf: Welcome back to the US of A!  've always wondered what you did in Mongolia. Able to share that?  Cheers......Ride On!!!!
JD   on May 2, 2017
commented on In Appreciation of the Non-Riding Spouse
Another great one, John. And a wonderful, well-deserved tribute to Lisa!! :-) Also chock full of some terrific practical wisdom, regardless of the "addiction/hobby/pastime" one enjoys, for balancing that and including your SO in the process. Equally important ... since I enjoy cooking......can you share the stuffed portobello recipe s'il vous plait, mon chef!?
JD   on Apr 1, 2017
commented on Marin Bans all Cycling in County
John: Your creativity knoweth no bounds! Happy April Fools to all! :-)
Chris: Wonderful article and CONGRATS on an "epic" and safe adventure of a lifetime! I'm 70 years old and live at 7600 feet in the Colorado Springs area. Several 60-plus-year-old MTB friends and I are considering Kokopelli in the Fall this year. I'm your basic Intermediate skills level MTB'er. Any advice on training/prep/etc. based on…
Great story.....great photos.....great ride! Sounds a bit like this year's 24 Hours of the Old Pueblo......NOT what one expects in AZ. BUT always great MTB'ing!! :-)
John: Aloha and Mahalo! Nice article and congrats on a fun vacation avec famille. Hope you also took advantage of enjoying some REAL shaved ice (with some ice cream inside) while on Oahu......another great reason to return in the near future. As you mentioned, we also learned while hiking Kauai (wettest place on earth allegedly)…
I'm about to turn 70 and started MTB'ing 4 years ago after 10 years of road cycling and many years running competitively. Love your advice on this. My MTB skills have improved substantially over 4 years; but I still try to take the approach that I want to be enjoying MTB'ing when I'm 90.......so, I…
John: As always, a great emotion-evoking reflection. And Old Yeller seems a most fitting name! Best to you and your Clan for a wonderful 2017! :-)
John: As usual, a very thoughtful, articulate, reasoned, and "humbling" philosophical thoughtpiece.......most appropriate for the season! Thanks!! :-) I've just added "Lost Horizon" to my reading list. Best to you and yours for the Holidays and 2017!
John: Great article and adventure as always....thanks. What maps do you recommend for the Vail area please? Maps for the rest of CO? Were you SpecOps? Map-reading in the "wilds" is becoming a lost art. :-)
JD   on Feb 22, 2016
added a comment on Ibis Launches New Plus-Size Mojo 3
Ibis hit a home run with the new Mojo 3 and especially the ability to just change tires and enjoy...
JD   on Jan 3, 2016
added a comment on Iron Horse - A Redemption Story
Maureen: Mega-dittoes here on your powerful and uplifting story!! The best things in life ARE free and the power of...
JD   on Nov 23, 2015
added a comment on Final Review: The Foes Mixer Enduro
Great review, John, on an interesting take on mixing wheel sizes. Mike at Timberline really knows his stuff.....glad to hear...
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