Gavarres Trails

the Gavarres mountain bike trails are located right on the edge of town and offer some intermediate trails, all the way up to legit double black diamond downhill runs. 


Salimos desde el pintoresco barrio de la Monzona donde comienza una pista que nos deja en los corrales de los Almorochos. Ya en el alto y por antiguos bancales de cultivo ahora en desuso, nos adentraremos en una frondosa senda. Deberás estar atento a tu GPS, la ruta serpentea bastante y rodarás en algunos tramos …

Senderos del Sobrarbe / GR-19

Senderos del Sobrarbe is a lengthy route through Spain–part of which runs contiguous with the lower section of the Maxi Avalanche and the EWS stages in Ainsa.

Camino Torrelisa

The Camino Torrelisa lies lower down in Ainsa valley in a pastoral area, running between farmlands and pastures.

Cami de la Roca Foradada

This trail runs up from town to a big rock out cropping. It’s a little less then 4 miles round-trip and while it’s steep up from town, it’s a ripping descent back down! If you ride Cresta de Gelat, this trail forms your final descent.

Senda Pirenaica / CR11

A portion of singletrack climbing up from the village of Queralbs, this steep, technical, sometimes overgrown track forms one of the final sections of the Thief’s Path ride as well.

Els Miradors D’Estana

Switchbacks are the name of the game on this trail! If you don’t know how to ride switchbacks, either you’ll be a pro by the time you finish this route, or you’ll be cursing life. Hopefully you’re not cursing life, because if you get into the rhythm this is a great descent through the trees …

Cresta De Gelat

Yet another adventure ride in Vall Fosca, Crest De Gelat is not for the faint of heart! Portions of this ride include ladder rungs drilled into the side of a rock cliff, and others offer up two thousand foot drops to the valley floor off the side of the trail. But for those who can …