Cami de la Roca Foradada

This trail runs up from town to a big rock out cropping. It’s a little less then 4 miles round-trip and while it’s steep up from town, it’s a ripping descent back down! If you ride Cresta de Gelat, this trail forms your final descent.

Senda Pirenaica / CR11

A portion of singletrack climbing up from the village of Queralbs, this steep, technical, sometimes overgrown track forms one of the final sections of the Thief’s Path ride as well.

Els Miradors D’Estana

Switchbacks are the name of the game on this trail! If you don’t know how to ride switchbacks, either you’ll be a pro by the time you finish this route, or you’ll be cursing life. Hopefully you’re not cursing life, because if you get into the rhythm this is a great descent through the trees …

Cresta De Gelat

Yet another adventure ride in Vall Fosca, Crest De Gelat is not for the faint of heart! Portions of this ride include ladder rungs drilled into the side of a rock cliff, and others offer up two thousand foot drops to the valley floor off the side of the trail. But for those who can …

Serra Espina

This route is definitely an adventure ride! Portions of this track are very faint or nearly non-existant, making going with a local (like MTB Dreams) almost mandatory. If you don’t have local knowledge, good luck–you’re gonna need it! If you do find the trail, you’ll be treated to technical rock gardens, deep forests, moss-covered boulders, …


Gallinero was probably the single coolest trail I rode while in Spain! Starting way above treeline, the singletrack begins by traversing a formidable mountain side with absolutely jaw-dropping views, before plummeting towards the valley floor below through technical, entertaining singletrack. A must-do! MTB Dreams can guide you.

Magic Line

Magic Line is a flowy, steep, tight, technical, all-around epic descent! Running through the ski area, it doesn’t actually have chairlift access, but you can do an uplift with a van, as I did with MTB Dreams.


If you get a van ride to the top, this has got to be the biggest amount of descending you can do for very little climbing! Over the course of 6 miles we climbed 62 feet and descended 3,250–incredible! The upper section was a beautiful grassy high alpine meadow with million-dollar views, funneling into steep …

Morcat Trail

The Morcat trail begins near an ancient, abandoned village with some tumble down buildings still barely standing. This singletrack trail was used for hundreds of years as a means of transportation to and from the village high on the hillside and the valley far below. Now it makes for great mountain biking, but is very …

Maxi Avalanche Trail

The Maxi Avalanche Trail gets its name from the mass-start enduro race held here every year. This is a very technical trail with some seriously exposed places–and gorgeous views–that drops thousands of feet as it descends down off the top of the mountain pass into the Ainsa Valley below. There are numerous trail junctions and …

Circuit CX 2015

Circuit CX 2015 is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Lloret de Vistalegre, Spain. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Circuit CX 2015 bike trail in Lloret de Vistalegre.