Watch: Can you conquer this many skinnies?

The Nepaug State Forest mountain bike trail in New Hartford, Connecticut, is filled with features and obstacles, like log skinnies.

Today we’re riding a trail system that’s been on my list for a long time: Nepaug State Forest in New Hartford, Connecticut. Nepaug is known for its stunts and, as you’ll soon see, its relentless climbing trails. My friends and I joined up with a very knowledgeable and talented group of riders. When I wasn’t busy sucking wind on the hills I tried my best to follow their lines and capture them showing off their home-turf skills.

From here, the real climbing begins. The loop we’re on is just shy of seven and a half miles and has a total elevation change of 800 feet. While those numbers don’t sound very impressive they took their toll on me, and towards the end, I was feeling very down on myself.

But if you can hang in there, most climbs are rewarded with some type of feature to play on once you reach the top. Unfortunately for me most of the time I was either too tired or scared to attempt them. Still, there is something for everyone here and like Millers Pond, it’s a place that will trip up even the most skilled riders. That’s a really good thing in my book. These types of trail systems help you grow and ultimately become a better rider.

So let’s take a look at a few more of those legendary stunts and then take a ride into Narnia, Nepaug’s own mini version of the north shore.

While Nepaug thoroughly kicked my butt today, I can’t wait to give it another shot. I want to take a moment to thank the guys we rode with who gave us a tour of their trails. I have a feeling you would have finished a little sooner, but I really appreciate you waiting for me to catch my breath.

If you’re new to the channel, my name is Jordan Byron and I’m on a mission to document every trail in and around New England. Click subscribe and come along for the ride. Thank you so much for watching. Now it’s your turn, get out there and ride!