Watch: 3 Convenient Ways to Wash Your Helmet

Last week I did a video about how to remove smells from bike clothes, and I had a number of you reach out asking how I go about cleaning my helmets. Here are my three favorite ways to effectively wash my helmet!

I confess that I don’t wash my helmet near enough. I’m sure you all know the feeling of pushing your helmet against your forehead and seeing a waterfall of sweat pour out (GROSS but entertaining 🙂 ). The pads in the helmet get that soaked with sweat every ride and they NEED to be washed.

The first way I demonstrate is so easy, it should be a no brainier once a week. Option two offers a slightly better and more controlled wash, but takes some extra time. The third way is probably the easiest, but I tend to only do that once in a while.

Leave a comment below and let me know how YOU like to wash your helmet!

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