Must Watch: Brandon Semenuk’s One-Shot Run Is Jaw Dropping

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When I first saw Brandon Semenuk’s one-shot segment during the unReal movie premiere, my jaw was on the floor. Yes, the tricks and skills in the segment are mind-blowing, especially the acid drop on a downhill bike. But what really and truly blew my mind was the fact that the entire segment is one shot–no cuts, no second chances, all at once.

I’m sure it took them a ton of takes to make it happen, but seeing this entire sequence flow perfectly together is staggering! Don’t even get me started on what it took to film this–I would love to see a behind the scenes reel for this segment.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch this ground-breaking run as a part of the full unReal movie, here it is for your enjoyment on ye olde interwebs.

2015-07-22 semenuk unreal