The Northerner’s Guide to Southern Singletrack

Mt. Ida, AR: 34.55° Latitude

photo: GTXC4
photo: GTXC4

I’ve never been to Arkansas in the winter, so I was surprised to find that the average snowfall in the Mt. Ida area is just six inches. Not only that, the average low in January and February is 29 degrees while the average high is a balmy 52 degrees.  Mt. Ida is even accessible to many in the upper midwest, where snowpack is often measured in feet instead of inches.

True to its name, Mt. Ida is indeed located in the mountains–the Ouachita Mountains, to be exact–where the highest point stretches to 2,752 feet above sea level. Mt. Ida is home to not one but two IMBA Epics, the Ouachita Trail and the Womble trail system. According to our own database, there are nearly a dozen trails and trail systems within 25 miles of Mt. Ida, offering midwestern mountain bikers a virtual winter singletrack playground!

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