Newest IMBA Epic Mountain Bike Trails

Singletracks member Outdoornut clued me in to the latest issue of IMBA Trail News where they talk about the 5 newest IMBA Epic trails added this year. Here’s a summary from east to west.


photo posted by rodrodriguez2003

Pinhoti Trail (North Georgia). The Pinhoti Trail is sorta like Kokopelli’s younger, forested brother with 100 miles of point-to-point singletrack linking some of the best riding spots in north Georgia. If you like technical riding with a decent amount of climbing, Pinhoti is your man.


photo posted by Outdoornut

Spruce Knob (Seneca, WV). Outdoornut gives Spruce Knob 5-stars and it’s easy to see why from the photos. The main 15-mile loop is comprised of technically demanding rocky and rooty singletrack set amid pristine scenery. IMBA helped get this area removed from the 2009 Wild Monongahela Act which would have prohibited mountain bikes in the area so ride it now and enjoy!


photo posted by copperhippie

Copper Harbor Trails (Copper Harbor, MI). This is actually the second trail in Michigan to receive IMBA Epic status and from what we’ve read here on singletracks the trail is “Totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Extensive wood bridges make this trail both sustainable AND fun to ride.


photo posted by dauw

Curt Gowdy State Park (Cheyenne, WY). We’re pretty stoked to see Rowdy Gowdy got the Epic nod after just a few years on the scene. The trails at Curt Gowdy have something for everyone and feature scenery that’s tough to beat.


photo posted by bstill30

Plains of Abraham (Mt. St. Helens, WA). Singletracks members may know this one as Smith Creek Epic but now that it’s an IMBA Epic I suppose it’s time to get prim and proper with the trail description. 🙂 This is rugged, beautiful terrain and if you plan to tackle this one you may want to consider bstill30’s advice and pack “energy bars, warm clothes, and a flashlight for good measure.” Awesome.

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