MTB: in the Grand Canyon?

094-the-grand-canyon-arizona.JPGIf you haven’t heard, there are some guys that are attempting to ride their mountain bikes from Alaska to the tip of South America and according to the blog they’re down in Arizona taking a break as we speak. Calling this an epic ride is a a bit of an understatement and they’ve certainly had their share of adventure thus far.

Recently the guys took a little detour into the Grand Canyon on their bikes which, if you’re not familiar with the park, is kinda against the rules (said another way, illegal). After posting the Grand Canyon adventures on their blog the crew was greeted at the 24 Hours in Old Pueblo race in Tuscon by federal agents who (politely) took them into custody.

Anyway, I won’t try to recount their story here, just go to the blog and read the full story of intrigue, subterfuge, and hilarity. Also check out their “punishment” post which replaces the original Grand Canyon post.

I definitely recommend keeping up with this blog, who knows what awaits the crew in Central America!