Mountain Bike Trails in Wisconsin

We just don’t hear enough about mountain biking in the midwest if you ask me. The Minneapolis Examiner published an article about mountain biking the Cable, Wisconsin area trails where the author claims “The trails of Cable are right up there with (the best MTB trails in the western US and Canada).” Of course the trails in the midwest are much different than those found out west as the author admits: instead of dry, rocky trails with endless vistas like those found in the west the trails in the midwest are forested and at times rocky and rooty. I imagine they’re not unlike the trails we have on the east coast, though perhaps midwestern trails are a little less crowded than some east coast trails can be at times.

I’ve certainly made it a point to sample mountain biking all around the country and admittedly the upper midwest is one area I’ve yet to ride. My lone midwest mountain biking experience was a ride at Caesar’s Creek just outside Dayton, Ohio and I have to say it was pretty awesome. The Cable, WI area trails are apparently in a class all their own and the Mountain Biking Chequamegon book I have on my book shelf claims the national forest trails are known at the “Moab of the Midwest.”  And don’t forget that one of the biggest mountain bike companies in the world, Trek, is located in Waterloo, WI.

Yep, it turns out there are some pretty legit reasons to go mountain biking in the midwest and judging by the singletracks midwest mountain bike forums the scene is really heating up. Anyone have other recommendations for a summer 2009 mountain biking tour of the midwest?

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