IMBA Executive Director Mike Van Abel Resigns After 12 Years


After 12 years with IMBA, Mike Van Abel, currently serving as the Executive director, has resigned. His resignation has been accepted by the board, and will be effective September 2, 2016.

“Mike has been an outstanding steward for IMBA and its initiatives throughout his 12-year tenure,” said Robert Winston, Chairman of the IMBA Board of Directors. “Under Mike’s leadership, programs such as the IMBA Chapter Program and the Regional Director Program are great successes, and have significantly strengthened IMBA’s membership. On behalf of myself and the entire board of directors, I wish Mike every success in his future endeavors.”

“When I was hired, IMBA’s board asked me to focus on three things: growing membership, growing industry support and helping IMBA become more professional,” said Van Abel. “I am proud to say we have done all three. I am most proud of the restructuring done that has led to what IMBA is today—a much more cohesive association of local chapters ready to be led into the next phase of growth and development by someone new.”

The IMBA board is currently working to find a permanent replacement for Van Abel, but in the meantime, Dan Brillon, IMBA’s Vice President of Finance, Administration and Programs, will act as the Interim Executive Director.

Source for direct quotations: IMBA release.