Hood River (Oregon) Area Trail Stewards Raising Matching Funds for Bike Park

HRATS is raising funds online to help pay for a bike park that riders are already enjoying this summer.

It can be hard to wait for new mountain bike trails to be opened. In many cases, approvals, funding, and construction can drag on for years, frustrating riders and advocates alike.

The Hood River Area Trail Stewards (HRATS) recently decided to hit fast forward on additions to the Golden Eagle Bike Park in Hood River, Oregon, beginning construction before raising all the necessary funds. The upshot is plenty of riders are now taking advantage of the progressive jump lines and beginners skills area during the current coronavirus crisis.

Without the ability to host traditional in-person fundraising events and races, HRATS has turned to online fundraising to pay for the build. The group has applied for an Outride Foundation matching grant, so every dollar raised through this effort will be doubled.

photo: HRATS Facebook/Instagram.

HRATS needs to raise $5,000 by August 8, and they’re getting close to their overall goal of $7,500. To donate, visit this fundraising page.

According to the group, HRATS is also “currently working on a significant addition in the Whoopdee area.”


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