Favorite Mountain Bike Rides in Colorado


News 7 in Denver has an article on their website about photojournalist Jim Hucks’ 10 favorite singletrack rides in Colorado. Jim couldn’t hold himself to just 10 trails – he threw in some cities and counties as “rides” – but the list is pretty solid nonetheless.

One area Jim mentions is “Jefferson County Open Space” and I gotta say JeffCo is probably one of the best counties in the country for supporting mountain biking in public parks and recreation areas. Every trail I’ve ridden in JeffCo has great parking and facilities plus well marked trails and even free trail maps! Thank you Jefferson County taxpayers! 😉

Included on Jim’s list are Monarch Crest (definitely a classic) and “Crested Butte” which is technically a town but we all know there are tons of great trails in the area. Sunnyside and Goverment Trail near Aspen sound like good rides, though I never made it out to either of those myself.

At the bottom of the article there are 2 more top 10 lists that include trails like Rampart Reservoir (one of my faves) and Buffalo Creek (another fave). The only problem is that any top 10 list of favorite Colorado mountain bike trails is bound to leave out some great rides (all 3 lists overlook Mount Herman near Monument and the Captain Jack’s system in Colorado Springs). What’s on your top 10 Colorado mountain bike trail list?

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