All of the Epic Destinations We Wrote About in 2015 – In One Place

The mountain bike destination. They say it provides something for everyone, hundreds of miles of trail mostly accessible right from town, great food, a variety of lodging, and nothing but favorable fat-tired vibes. In 2015, the Singletracks team traveled coast-to-coast and abroad to bring you some oldie-but-goodies, the up-and-coming, and perhaps some destinations you’ve never heard of or considered.

Here, we rounded up our 2015 in-depth reports of legit mountain bike destinations in an effort to connect you to resources, including information on road trips, package tours, shuttles, outfitters, bike shops, tourism bureaus, bike parks, food, lodging, and of course, some incredible trails.


photo: Greg Heil

In a time where mountain bikers are both fighting for access and loosing ground to which they’ve laid claim for years, the story of how Sedona has become what it is and where it’s going is about as heartening as an enslaved, troublesome orca freed by its 12-year-old keeper from the confines of a money hungry, evil mastermind. Unlike Willy however, Sedonian trails, where mountain biking is equally as important as hiking, are here to stay! In a series of six articles, we took you from the history of Sedona’s bandit trails to the heights of the Hangover and Hiline, detailing everything you need to know about bike shopping, bedding, beer, and riding to get the most out of your next must-do destination.

“For about a hundred yards the trail consisted of a cascade of steep rock rolls and ledge drops, located on the side of this rounded, low angle rock cliff… the combination of features and glaring exposure promised that if you wadded it up and crashed up top, you would rag doll down the rock face… stopping at the bottom of the cliff in a broken, bloody heap. Whoever looked at this and thought, ‘I can build a trail there,’ was an absolute singletrack mastermind.” -Greg Heil

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