A frozen Moab?

I never would have thought that November would be ideal mountain biking weather in Alaska but apparently it is. Since much of the Alaskan wilderness is a swampy bog during the short summer it takes the cold fall weather to freeze the mud, making certain trails passable again. The Anchorage Daily News has a pretty detailed (though a bit long winded) article about fall mountain biking outside Anchorage, particularly along an area called the Campbell tract.

I’m not sure that I’d travel to Alaska at this time of year just to go mountain biking but it sounds like this is a great option for the locals. Singletracks has a few Alaskan mountain bike trails listed but I know there are more than just 8 trails in the entire state. So c’mon, if you know about trails in The Last Frontier post ’em here – and don’t forget pics or it doesn’t exist 😉