Stop Pedaling in Circles – How to Improve your MTB Pedal Stroke

Most riders are told that a powerful, efficient pedal stroke means that you need to spin circles or pull through the top of your pedal stroke. However, some recent studies are calling that advice into question. Based on this new understanding of the pedal stroke several top coaches now call for a powerful downstroke with the lead leg while minimizing the interference from the trail leg–a controlled “mash” in effect.

In this video I go over what science is now telling us about a powerful and efficient pedal stroke and demonstrate three exercises to help improve yours:

1. Single Leg Roman Dead Lift

2. Bulgarian Split Squat

3. Reverse Lunge with High Knee

Do these exercises a couple of times a week and you’ll be on your way to getting more out of your pedaling as well as benefits if you’re a runner, too.  For a more comprehensive mountain bike specific strength and conditioning program, check out the Ultimate MTB Workout by James Wilson of MTB Strength Training Systems.