Ryan Leech on the Trials of Trials Riding, Skills Coaching, and Getting Motivated [Podcast #226]

On this Episode

Ryan Leech is a mountain bike trials riders who has starred in many mountain bike films over the years and has performed live in front of audiences around the world. He’s also a mountain bike skills coach and trainer, offering online programs covering topics like wheelies, cornering, and jumping.

In this interview, Ryan opens up about the mental stress of performing mountain bike tricks, and also the physical toll it’s taken over the years. He fills us in on how yoga has helped heal both the mind and body, and how community makes his online mountain bike skills training and coaching program, the Ryan Leech Connection, unique.

We also find out what it was like to perform in Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba show and how he came to launch a motivational speaking tour for teenagers call The Trials of Life. Connect with Ryan and learn more about his training program at ryanleech.com.

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