Ninja says the Garage Bunny is World’s First Bunny Hop Trainer

The Garage Bunny is is designed to make learning to bunny hop and manual your mountain bike safer and easier.

Judging by the infinity number of “how to bunny hop” YouTube videos online, it’s clear riders need help. Nationwide bike clinic purveyor Ninja Mountain Bike Performance says many of their clients are looking for help with hops as well, which led them to create the Garage Bunny.

“How can we make bunny hops more accessible, safer, and easier for riders of all levels to conquer,” a recent press release asks rhetorically. The answer, of course, is an indoor bunny hop machine.

The $599 apparatus is designed to make practicing bunny hops and manuals at home safer while deconstructing the moves that riders need to get both wheels off the ground. It’s designed to fit wheel sizes from 20-29″ and offers three levels of assistance to help riders get their rear wheel in the air using a patented bungee system.

Not only does the Garage Bunny help riders learn how to bunny hop and manual, it also has a built-in height indicator. This allows riders to track their progress and also seems natural for challenging friends to a friendly competition.

The trainer folds down when not in use. Garage Bunny is manufactured in Klamath Falls, Oregon and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. There’s no word if Ninja Mountain Bike Performance will be incorporating the Garage Bunny into their skills clinics.