New Indoor Mountain Bike Strength Trainer From Lee McCormack

The RipRow is an indoor mountain bike strength training machine designed to build strength and balance.

The RipRow is unlike any exercise bike you’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s more akin to a balance board or Bosu ball than a spinning or exercise bike. With the ability to rock side-to-side and variable resistance forward and back, the RipRow promises to improve strength in ways that are directly applicable to mountain biking. Not only that, the RipRow is designed to improve balance at the same time.

Lee McCormack, mountain bike coach and author of countless skills books, has been developing the RipRow over the last 4 years. Here’s what Lee has to say:

You see, when you dig all the way to the base of the skills tree, to what makes great mountain bikers great, you find a few universal movement patterns. These patterns are simple. They are powerful. And they empower all great mountain biking. […] The RipRow™ teaches you these patterns. It helps mountain bikers ride faster, easier and safer.

The RipRow website has some helpful videos and tutorials showing how to use the machine. Clearly there are a lot of different exercises that are possible.

RipRow units are being assembled in Colorado, and the first shipments are slated for sometime in December. Customers can pre-order a RipRow online for $1,199.