Mountain Biking and Nutrition, with Jenny Corso [Podcast #221]

We talk with an expert on nutrition and physiology about how metabolism works, the health value of gluten and intermittent fasting, and whether athletes can exercise themselves past an unhealthy diet.
photo by Marisa Sias from Pixabay.

On this Episode

Jenny Corso is a cyclist and R&D Scientist who has studied exercise nutrition and physiology through various undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programs. She’s also a licensed USA Cycling coach, and has written many articles for Singletracks on topics including fitness, nutrition, and travel.

How is exercise metabolism separate from just everyday metabolism? How are nutritional needs different for athletes?

How do you look at studies regarding the health of certain foods, which are often contradictory, and what’s the best way to take this into account when making decisions about what to eat?

Is gluten bad for athletes, or people in general?

Nutrition and exercise clearly go hand in hand in terms of health. But does one win out over the other in terms of outcomes?

Is intermittent fasting good for athletes?

Why do you think nutrition is so difficult for many people to get right?

Connect with Jenny for coaching and consultation through her website, where she delivers objective information on scientific research on nutrition and exercise.

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