How Tracking Macro-Nutrition Can Help Mountain Bikers Unlock Their Full Potential [Podcast #237]

Photo by Breakslow on Unsplash

On this Episode

Keri Hatley is the head coach at Shred Science Nutrition, a program designed to help clients lose weight and build lean muscle to unlock their optimum performance. She’s an athlete who has competed in everything from running and cycling to powerlifting and holds a certificate in Nutrition coaching.

We’ll find out what macro nutrients are, and how tracking them can help mountain bikers — and anyone really — reach their fitness goals. Keri weighs in on current diets and intermittent fasting, muscle imbalance in cyclists, and the idea that food is fuel. We also talk about the ideal pre- and post-ride foods.

If you want to get faster or feel better this year, listen in for some ideas to try!

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