Clif Shots Get New Formula

Here’s a quick item for those of you who like your nutrition in gel form: Clif Shots just got a new formula for 2011. Previously, Clif Shots used organic brown rice syrup for the base which some noted was a little thicker than other brands. The new product builds off an organic maltodextrin base and is offered in a new chocolate cherry (or cherry chocolate?) flavor in addition to espresso and plain chocolate. Clif claims the energy gels are 85% to 90% organic which definitely important to some folks.

In addition to the new base, Clif has amped up the caffeine in the espresso gels to 100 mg. The company claims this is more than any other gel on the market so perhaps we’ll start skipping the morning coffee for a Clif Shot. 🙂

Finally, the new Clif Shot formula comes in a redesigned package that’s perfect for cyclists. Pouch edges have been rounded to eliminate poking when carried in jersey pockets plus the mouth has been narrowed about 20% to improve mouth comfort (though we have to wonder what this has done to flow speeds). The new package also includes the familiar “Litter Leash” to reduce the chance of ripped tabs “accidentally” ending up on the trail (though element22 ripped right through a litter leash without even trying).

Everyone has their individual on-trail nutrition preferences so for those who are into gels, check out the new Clif Shots and let us know what you think!