Clif Bar Seasonal Flavors Available: Iced Gingerbread, Pecan Pie, and Spiced Pumpkin Pie

Clif Bar is making three seasonal varieties of their eponymous energy snacks and I recently got a chance to try all three. Since taste is a really subjective call, I decided to enlist mudhunny and our 4-year-old daughter in this shootout. May the best bar win!

Iced Gingerbread

Mudhunny ranked this #1 in the test and it was definitely my second favorite of the bunch. Our 4-year-old liked the name of this one the best and while she still gave it a thumbs up, she ranked it #3 of 3.

Pecan Pie

Living in the southeast, we have very high standards for our pecan pie (pronounced pee-kan). This was my favorite of the bunch; our daughter rated it her favorite too while mudhunny ranked it #2. This one is nutty and sweet with just the right amount of texture.

Spiced Pumpkin Pie

After tasting the Spiced Pumpkin Pie Clif Bar myself at the Decatur Commuter Breakfast last week, I thought for sure our 4-year-old would spit this one out, but she ended up eating the whole thing and rated it #2 of 3. Both mudhunny and I ranked it #3 and honestly it’s the only one I probably won’t purchase this year. The pumpkin spice is really overwhelming–almost bitter–so unless you love pumpkin spice, pass on this one.

Winner: Pecan Pie.

Heavy Clif Bar consumers are constantly switching up varieties to keep things palatable on the trail, and these seasonal flavors are a welcome selection of fresh flavors. Which seasonal Clif Bar flavor are you stoked on this year?