Hincapie Clothing: Fission Long Sleeve Jersey Review


The companion to the Fission Bib Knicker from Hincapie is the Fission Long Sleeve Jersey.


The jersey is made of extremely soft, smooth QuadroHot fabric that offers claimed insulation properties. The jersey fabric is also supposed to be moisture-wicking.

The lower hem of the jersey features a gel gripper to keep it from riding up, and the back features a classic 3-pocket design. If you choose to take this jersey out on the road, the Fission has you covered with reflective striping on the sleeves.

Gel gripper on the lower hem.
Gel gripper on the lower hem.

Out on the Trail

Perhaps I shouldn’t have expected more from the Fission Long Sleeve Jersey, but since I enjoyed the Bib Knicker with the same name so much, I expected to enjoy the Jersey as well. But I wasn’t as impressed.

Granted, the Fission Long Sleeve Jersey is a pretty nice jersey. The fabric is incredibly comfortable–probably more so than any other jersey that I’ve worn. The gel gripper keeps the jersey in place, and the classic 3-pocket design is a timeless, well, classic, that just plain works.

Photo: Hincapie
Photo: Hincapie

However, I found the claimed insulation properties to be overstated. I didn’t find the jersey to offer much at all in the way of insulation. The Fission Jersey was especially lacking in wind blocking properties. Instead, the wind cut right through this jersey, creating some very chilly rides during our spring here in Colorado. Even when compared to other long sleeve jerseys in my possession, the Fission offers very little in insulation. Most other long sleeve jerseys I own include a fleece lining that offers at least a modest amount of insulation and protection from the elements.

On its own, the Fission is a decent product if you don’t need to worry about staying warm, but as a companion for the Bib Knicker or a warm spring or fall layer, I found it under gunned in the insulation and protection departments. Instead, I found myself pairing the Knicker with a much more robust jacket, such as the Hincapie Arenberg Zero Jacket, or the Arenberg Zero Vest paired with arm warmers.

Bottom Line

While I have no complaints about the quality of construction of the Fission Long Sleeve Jersey, I personally find its usefulness as a product to be quite lacking. That may be a rather personal complaint, so your mileage may vary. But with a $100 price tag, I would rather save that money and spend it somewhere else.

Thanks to Hincapie for providing the Fission Long Sleeve Jersey for review.