Sometimes, you just gotta vent.

Matt, Gerow, and Jeff talk about the mountain bike stuff that has us stoked right now, and the things that are bumming us out. From gear to trail access, we cover it all including e-bikes, flow trails, stage racing, slopestyle mountain biking, and even health insurance. With so many topics on the table, every listener is bound to agree and disagree with our staff writers on at least one item!

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  • Joe K

    Hey great pod cast. I’m definitely stoked about the trend of bikes that cross categories. My trial bike has 120/140 travel, I can race it if I want and enjoy Knar trails to. Loving my gravel bike, raced it at Dirt Digglers and have used it to comment. Might even use it on a club ride with a little more fitness.

    The widely varying standards definitely grinds my gears. Used to be able to buy a new frame, cranks or set of wheels and swap from bike to bike to bike. those days are sadly gone.

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