Singletracks MTB News Podcast: Episode 0


Here at Singletracks we’re always interested in trying new things, from all-wheel drive mountain bikes to fat bikes to yes, even electric mountain bikes. In that same spirit, today we’re posting our first podcast to explore a new way of sharing MTB news. The inaugural episode catches listeners up on articles published this week including information on the massive QR recall, a review of Niner’s brand new RKT mountain bike, and an MTB race report from Alaska.

We’re starting simple so we can learn as much as possible, and we’ll be tweaking and experimenting over the next couple weeks to see how it all works. If this seems like something you’d be interested in listening to on a regular basis, hit us up in the comments to show your support and let us know how you plan to listen to it! As we (hopefully) gain listeners, we’ll be able to devote more resources to improving and expanding the podcast.

Maybe one day we can even afford a more talented narrator than yours truly. 🙂

Podcast feed URL is here.

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