Today we talk with Walt Bready, professional trail builder and educator, about how mountain bike trails are built and maintained. Walt describes the approval process and construction techniques, and also shares some of his favorite tools and resources for learning more.

Contact Walt at B Ready Trails with your trail building questions or to schedule a consultation.

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  • Kevin Mills

    This was a great listen. People don’t realise how much effort goes into building these trails. Even the simple ones. Where i ride it is a small town and there is a trail builder i often see out there with his shovel building and i always think i could do better but the truth is it is harder than it looks. Even just visualising where the trail would go is a strain on my imagination.

    • Endo Alley

      I’m sure he trail builder(s) would appreciate your help. Maybe then you would be in the position to give the
      builder(s) your opinions on how to build a better trail.

  • mongwolf

    11 steps to trail building. 10 steps of the public involvement process. Environmental Assessments. Arc Surveys. Welcome to working on our public lands. I don’t think that any of those are in any way unneeded or inappropriate. Just the reality one must work within.

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