I was recently a guest on the Curiosityness podcast with Travis DeRose on the topic of getting started in mountain biking. If you’re listening to the Singletracks podcast, chances are you’re already a mountain biker, but you probably have friends and family members who are not (yet). So whether you’re looking for ways to convince your friends to join you, or you know someone who could benefit from this discussion, we hope you find this helpful.

In this interview, I talk about trying mountain biking for the first time, trail dos and don’ts, how to shop for a bike, and how to find the best trails to ride.

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  • Mtb_ctlm

    I’m commenting on the comments about respecting horse riders. I remember hearing from someone that horses also get spooked by bikes because of the hubs, especially if they are loud. Hub sounds mimic a rattlesnake rattle and horses might have a natural fear of that sound genetically.

    • Jeff Barber

      Ah, I like that answer. Makes more sense than the jungle cat explanation. 🙂

  • Bikermike

    Jeff you had me up until the global warming comment then I left. Sounded like you were trying to be PC with that west coast leftist so could you please stick with what you have the facts on. Keep going buddy most of the podcast are really great.No hate here just opinion. By the way where is Leah shes been absent lately?

  • ernest399

    Fantastic interview Jeff,
    Thanks for calling out local clubs and stressing our social inclusive and welcoming community of riders.


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