Whether you’re planning a trip to mountain bike in the southeast, or you’re just curious about the scene, don’t miss this episode! Aaron, Greg, and Jeff discuss our favorite bike trails to ride in the southeastern USA, where mountain bikers will find big mountains and an off-season that never comes.

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  • CoKo

    You guys should come to Knoxville and Oakridge. Trails, elevation, food, beer we got it all here!

    • Greg Heil

      Definitely on my list!! I’m hoping next fall, perhaps.

  • Bikermike

    I have listened to this podcast and many of your other podcast and each time I get a little more frustrated because Oak Mountain State park trails are never mentioned and are by far some of the most divers trails in the southern states with miles and miles of single track. Jeff if you have never been here my question is why not. We have right at 40 miles of everything you can imagine from GREEN to BLACK DIAMOND. I ride there nearly every Sunday afternoon. Thanks for your time.

    • Jeff Barber

      I have been to Oak Mountain, though it has been many years. I’ve heard the trails that have been added since my visit are great!

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