Darcy Wittenburg from Anthill Films on How Mountain Bike Movies Get Made [Podcast #218]

Darcy Wittenburg talks about what it takes to make a successful mountain bike movie, and shares tricks of the trade. He also takes us behind the scenes of Anthill Films' latest epic, Return to Earth.

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Darcy Wittenburg is a partner, director, producer, and cinematographer at Anthill films. Anthill has produced some of the most iconic mountain bike films in recent memory, including Return to Earth, Unreal, and Strength in Numbers.

I ask Darcy what is it about mountain biking that he finds interesting, and how all the movie pieces of a major film like Return to Earth comes together. We talk about the challenges and the most exciting moments of making a mountain bike movie, and how much risk athletes take to nail their tricks.

What are some tricks of the trade? What make a mountain bike film a success? What other projects is Anthill working on this year? Listen in to find out!

To learn more, go to Anthillfilms.com. Look for Return to Earth on AppleTV, Google Play, and Amazon.com.

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