A Mountain Biker’s Guide to Nature [Podcast #219]

On this Episode

Most, if not all mountain bikers are nature lovers too. For many of us, it’s the main reason we ride off road. This week, we want to share our stoke for nature and perhaps inspire others.

How important is the natural aspect of mountain biking to you?

Has your interest in nature grown since you started riding?

What do you find most interesting on the trail — trees, plants, vistas, rocks, wildlife, or something else?

What is your favorite type of ecosystem for mountain biking?

What are some places you’ve ridden where the natural beauty surrounding the trail really stands out?

What are some natural highlights you’ve experienced on the trail?

Do you see any tension between having a love and respect for nature and riding or building trails?

Do you think there are ways mountain bikers can be better natural stewards?

What do you think about the fight between various recreation groups over land access? Is there at least common ground we can recognize?

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