MTB News Round Up

If you haven’t been following Le Tour, there’s a mountain biker in the yellow jersey – Michael Rasmussen. Rasmussen is a former mountain biking world champion and more recently, an alleged doper.

Mountain unicycling got a nice profile in the LA Times today. I saw a MTB unicycler riding down the black diamond summer slopes at Telluride and the only word to describe it is SICK.

Finally, some folks are trying to make mountain bike geocaching happen but if you ask me, it’s a pretty lame idea. I mean, geocaching is fun the first time you do it, after that you just feel like a dope walking around staring at your GPS looking for “treasure.” Add mountain bikes to the mix and it’s still lame – now you have to get off your bike to dig through the leaves to find a box filled with GI Joe figures, silly putty, and stickers. Ho hum.

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