That’s according to the May issue of Mountain Bike Action magazine which hits newsstands next month. The editors were stoked on access to lodging, weather, local breweries, and of course, the trails in Bend. No word on who is #2 – if you got your copy in the mail let us know which towns made the top 5…

Betasso Preserve photo by Rebus

Speaking of mountain biking towns, singletracks member nejmensi points out that the freeze on legal singletrack in Boulder, CO is starting to thaw. Here’s what he had to say:

Big news out of Boulder Colorado (my home) this week is that they are planning to enlarge the popular Betasso Preserve trail network by an additional 4.6 miles! The existing trail is around roughly 3.2 miles and is the most frequented trial in the county/city according to Boulder County statistics. This follows on the heels of countless new trials in the last few months including a completely new trail in South Boulder that includes the spanking new 3 mile +/- “Spring Brook” trail, “Vista…” loops, and “High Plains Trail”, effectively making the South end of town a full 15 mile +/- system. The Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance (BMA) is to credit for much of this… Boulder is definitely entering 2009 with a great new expanded trail network! About time…

Sweet. Now, if we could just establish a decent mountain bike town out here on the east coast!

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  • jbronko1

    bike magazine’s trail issue rated the Kingdom Trails system in Burke VT as the best overall “trail network” in North America. I rode it last july and will probably ride it in late may. fantastic. a dark brown 100mi ribbon (well, i only saw 20mi of it!) through forests and fields, not super technical, just all about flow.

  • Mongoose

    Not only do we have a East Coast, the “Sidewinder Trail” in East Burke, Vermont won the “Best Flow Trails” of the year, and the “Powerline” (one of my favorite DH rides) at Snowshoe Mtn., West Virginia was one of the “Best Lift-Served Trails”. “Blue Mtn.” in Peekskill, NY won the “Best Hometown Trail”, the”Black Mtn. Trail” in NC was one of the top “Best Climbs”, and ‘Lynn Woods” in Lynn, MA won the “Best Technical Trail” of the year.

    We all know that the West Coast won a few and had more runner ups than we did here on the East Coast, but we do offer some great trails with much technical challenge. Our East Coast trails are notorious for technical challenge that challenges many riders skills. I will admit that the West Coast does offer some diverse challenges as well, and being lucky enough to have Whistler or any of those British Columbia’s MTB trails is a dream come true. For now, I will stick with Snowshoe and some of our more challenging East Coast trails until the day comes that my dream of reaching the A-line, Dirt Merchant, and the CBC in British Columbia come true. At least our FL “Santos” won “Best Fat Tire Festival”. How cool is that!

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