You Don’t Need a Fat Bike For Snow–Just Get One of These

Ktrax conversion kit.

Ski conversions for mountain bikes have been around for a long time and we even wrote about one such option, the Ktrax, way back in 2007. Lenzsport produces several options as well, and each utilizes your bike’s quick release mounts to attach skis where wheels should be.


Well today, my Air Force buddy Kittelson forwarded me this link for a Bike Snowboard (pictured above). Yep, clearly the board is a bit wider than the “ski bikes” we’ve featured in the past and it even has a unique clamp that allows you to leave your front wheel attached to the bike. Just pray your front wheel doesn’t start rotating or your bike board will turn to splinters. 🙂 Curiously, the site linked above includes a video showing the Bike Snowboard in action–attached to a fat bike! Clearly I’m missing something.

One advantage I see to this single-ski (err, board) set-up is the rear wheel is still free to spin and potentially allow braking. With a skinny rear tire it’s pretty doubtful this will do anything but hey, it’s worth a shot. Also, it’s easy to go from bike to board mode–no QR swap necessary. Maybe bikers will start carrying these in their packs for summer high country rides with snow drifts. Ha!

In all seriousness, $299 (and especially $399) is a lot of money to pay for something that on paper appears marginally useful and almost certainly dangerous. Save your pennies for one of the bikes in our budget fat bike buyer’s guide.

Updated with link to and added video.

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