Yeti Teases a New E-Bike

Yeti's latest video appears to show a mountain bike with a power button on top of the top tube.
Screen shot

Update: Yeti Drops New 160E with New Suspension Platform

There are core mountain bike brands, and then there is Yeti. For a while there, it was the core brands like Yeti that were the holdouts on e-bikes, while the biggest brands led the charge on electrifying their full-suspension rigs. Much of that seemed to change when Santa Cruz redid the Heckler and everyone in the industry became a little less bashful releasing an e-bike.

There are still some holdouts: Ibis, Evil, and many others, but if you were a Yeti loyalist who appreciated the fact that the culture-forward brand didn’t make an e-bike, then now is the time to release that held breath.

Take a look at their latest video and check out the power button on top of the top tube. Yeti has always had two major fronts: adventure and racing, and as racing has changed and more and more e-bike races are popping up, it seems they are still chasing that calling wherever it leads.