Watch: The $50 Bike Repair Stand – Quality or Crap?

Watch Colton put this cheap bike repair stand to the test.

I have wanted a repair stand for a quite a while but I’ve held off because I thought they were way too expensive.  I would much rather spend $150-400 on other bike “toys.”  I have found a few creative ways to mount my bike so I can get at the parts easier, including a shower curtain rod and a doorway pull up bar. They’ve worked but they’re just not cutting it anymore, so I did some researching on Amazon and found this stand made by Conquer.  I was a bit reluctant because I was afraid it would not be sturdy but decided that at $54 it was worth a try.

The Conquer repair stand was a breeze to put together.  It took me less than 4 minutes and the only tool required was an allen key (included) to attach the tool tray. This stand has all the usual amenities including four legs for increased stability, adjustable height from 45″ to 72″, and a rotating clamp.  It is great to take on the go as it collapses very easily, weighs only 16lbs, and is small enough to fit in the trunk.  The tool tray is a great feature, though I was a little disappointed by its small size.  It is big enough for a few small tools but not a beer or your preferred beverage.

The four legs made the rack really stable.  It held my XC hardtail just fine and even held up a 35-pound fat bike, no problem.  Conquer claims that this rack can hold up to 65lbs but I found that the plastic on the clamps started to flex slightly with the fat bike.

Overall I am extremely pleased with this stand.  For $54 I think you are getting a great product and I sure like that number a lot more than the $150+ Park Tool stand.  There are two Conquer models available, a $39.95 option (which does not include shipping of $12.27) and a $59 option, which does include shipping.  For just a few dollars more I think it is worth purchasing the more robust model unless you are very concerned about weight and size when collapsed.