Velo Has Lock-on Foam MTB Grips, Bar Tape Grips Too

Velo is a name mountain bikers might not be familiar with, but chances are the company makes a saddle most of us have used, just under a different name. While Velo continues to manufacture saddles for some big companies, they’re also slowly building their own brand with a line of saddles and accessories.

Two sets of Velo Attune grips caught our eye at Interbike this week for their unique take on the generally staid category.

The first Attune grips are foam single-sided, lock-on grips that combine the weight savings and vibration damping characteristics of a foam grip, with the convenience and stability of a lock-on grip. The lock-on foam grip could be a trend to watch, as at least one other company is planning a similar — but slightly different — offering later this year or early next year.

And for those coming from a road background or who just prefer the feel of classic bar tape, there’s a dual-clamp version of the Attune wrapped in bar tape.

Velo offers several color variations of each style of grip, in addition to more traditional rubber/silicon grips. Pricing and availability is unknown at this time.