Two mountain bike videos

A couple mountain bike videos to spice up your Thursday morning:

10,000 foot downhill

Sacred Rides runs a MTB tour of the Olleros trail in Peru and they claim the descent is 10,000 feet (and I’m assuming this is a shuttle ride). The video doesn’t show the entire 10,000 foot descent since this would probably take hours but it does give you a good feel for the trail. Actually trail might be a bit generous – this thing looks like a sandy, barren slope where the “trail” is any line that gets you down the mountain.

Mountain bike unicycling in San Diego

This clip came from one of our members, unigeezer, and shows the unigeezer himself ripping up the Iron Mountain Trail in San Diego, CA on his mountain unicycle. I really like this video because it isn’t edited to make it look like mountain unicycling (municycling?) is easy – you actually see unigeezer jump off the unicycle every now and then. Amazing stuff.

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